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A pilum is a type of javelin commonly utilized by soldiers of the Roman Army.[1]

In 48 BCE, however, Benipe, the blacksmith of Siwa, Egypt procured a deadly spear that was erroneously known as the Pilum. This was among four specialty weapons that Benipe was able to hide from the forces of Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII when they confiscated all his tools and products, accusing him of fomenting rebellion. After the Medjay of Siwa, Bayek, assassinated the captain in charge of this incident and recovered Benipe's tools, the blacksmith presented his friend with the Pilum alongside the other aforementioned three weapons: the Bitter Bow, the Gruesome Mattock, and the Phalanx Shield.[2]

Weapon statistics

Classical Greece

Level Rarity Damage Default Engravings Availability
50 Rare 2349

+13% Hunter Damage

+20% Damage on Spartan Soldiers


Ptolemaic Egypt

Rarity Quality (Max Lvl 55) Damage (Max Lvl 55) Attributes Availability
Rare Critical Hit II

Adrenaline on Hurt

Blacksmith, Loot


  • In Assassin's Creed: Origins, the Pilum appears as a rare spear in spite of the fact that a pilum is properly a Roman javelin and the description of the weapon even describes it as such.
  • The Pilum is one of four rewards the player may choose from among completing the side-quest Striking the Anvil.