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Pietro de galencia

Pietro de Galencia

Pietro de Galencia (unknown – 1501) was a well known doctor, as well as member of the Templar Order, operating as a spy in Italy during the Renaissance.

After the fall of the Assassin Order in Monteriggioni, Cesare Borgia tasked Pietro with the retrieval of a chest underneath Villa Auditore. Pietro attempted to locate clues there, which would lead him to the Assassins who survived the attack, torturing the father of one of them in order to locate the chest and the escape routes from the town.

Later, a message for Pietro sent from Florence was intercepted by the Assassins. The message detailed instructions to find the Corvix Blade, and blueprints that Mario Auditore had hidden beneath the Villa Auditore years before. Shortly after the interception, Pietro was assassinated by Lo Sparviero


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