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Piero Soderini (18 May 1450 – 13 June 1522) was a Florentine statesman and favorite of Piero de' Medici before his exile from the city during the Bonfire of the Vanities. Following the death of Savonarola, Soderini became gonfaloniere of the city from 1502 until his own expulsion from the city in 1512.

During his time as gonfaloniere, he introduced the idea of armed city guards, instead of relying upon mercenaries, and recruited Niccolò Machiavelli, secretly a member of the Assassin Order, to lead them.

Later, he was with Machiavelli and Amerigo Vespucci when they tortured Michelleto Corrella in order to learn the whereabouts of Cesare Borgia. When Michelleto remained defiant by saying nothing, Piero ordered his execution, but he escaped the next day.



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