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ACO Phoxidas portrait


(88 BCE – unknown) was a Greek Nauarchos in Cleopatra's navy. A wealthy owner of a fleet of ships and its crew who pledged their loyalty to Cleopatra, Phoxidas was a soldier in his youth, but retired into great wealth and used this money to fund his fleet.


Born in Athens in 88 BCE, Phoxidas came to served Ptolemy XII Auletes during his reign and later his daughter Cleopatra, becoming one of her most loyal followers.[1]

In 48 BCE, he alongside Aya was sent by Cleopatra to the Aegean Sea to assist the military general Pompey and initiate an alliance with him. Encountering and destroying several ships sent by Ptolemy XIII, Phoxidas and Aya succeeded in aiding the Roman general, who accepted the alliance and made his way to Egypt.[2]

Personality and characteristics

Phoxidas is a highly eccentric and unapologetic man, so much that nobody accepted him for who he was except his nautai, claiming that he left his wife and children for this reason. Despite this, he is a loyal friend and a man who would do anything for freedom, even joining the Hidden Ones.