Rouxel with Dutty Boukman's book.

Philibert François Rouxel, vicomte de Blanchelande (21 February 1735 – 15 April 1793) was the Governor of Saint-Domingue at the beginning of the Haitian Revolution.

Responsible for the deaths of hundreds of slaves, in November 1791, Rouxel oversaw the execution of rebel leader and Assassin Dutty Boukman.

Rouxel confiscated writings by Boukman that were wanted by the Assassins and one of their number, Elsie, planned to acquire the book while saving Boukman's life in the process. However, she was stopped by fellow Assassin, Fabien, who informed her that the Brotherhood had decided to allow the execution to go ahead. Elsie's descendant, Charlotte de la Cruz, later observed the events through the Animus in 2016.