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The Philadelphia Project, also known as the Philadelphia Experiment or Project Rainbow, was a 20th century United States naval military experiment that occurred at the Philadelphia Naval ShipyardPennsylvania.

The experiment in 1943 attempted to make the Navy Destroyer Escort USS Eldridge become invisible, teleport and travel through time.

According to an email from Abstergo Industries' Alan Rikkin, the ship manifested itself in a future state for approximately 18 minutes. Rikkin also claimed that enough data had been found to repair the original Piece of Eden.

However, Abstergo's Administration branch refused to move on with the project, citing paradox concerns. Rikkin finished the email by stating that any object with the capability to manipulate time had to be contained, thus the Piece of Eden was moved to a secure storage location.


  • Shortly before his death in 1943, Nikola Tesla supposedly claimed to have completed some kind of a "Unified Field Theory", though it was never published. It is widely thought that the disappearance of USS Eldridge was made possible through the application of this theory.


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