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"The phantom blade. A modest little update from the traditional Assassin's Blade. Where you're going, you may not wish to get too close to your enemies."
Mirabeau explaining the Phantom Blade's purpose to Arno
The Kingdom of Beggars 3

Arno Dorian activating his Phantom Blade

The Phantom Blade was a modification to the Hidden Blade pioneered and utilized by the French Brotherhood of Assassins. It added a projectile mechanism to the Hidden Blade, making it both fast and deadly at long range.[1]


The Phantom Blade could be loaded with two types of projectiles: a regular projectile blade and a poisoned blade that caused the victim to attack others, allowing Assassins such as Arno Dorian to execute a silent kill or distraction. The Phantom Blade could be upgraded, allowing the user to fire two blades before reloading.[1]



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