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Phanos the Younger was an actor and playwright active in Alexandria during the late Ptolemaic dynasty, and one of the first members of the Hidden Ones, the organization that would later transform into the Assassin Brotherhood. A cousin of Aya, one of the Hidden Ones' founders, Phanos became a key ally to her and her husband Bayek during their struggle against the Order of the Ancients.


Wrath of the Poets

Phanos rallied against the regime in the emptied theatre of Alexandria. His play had been stolen by the guards and his actors had been captured, he asked Bayek for help. Bayek rescued one of Phanos' actors from the Akra Garrison, who revealed that the play script was on its way to the palace and that the two other actors managed to escape and go into hiding. Bayek found one of the escaped actors cowering in his home, Bayek dispatched the guards that were closing in on the actor, the actor then hurried back to Phanos. He then went on to intercept a patrol going between the garrison and the Royal Palace and retrieve the play. Bayek returned to Phanos with his play and actors intact. Phanos says to Bayek that no matter what, the play will go on.



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