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Peter Carroll was a high-ranking member of the British Rite of the Templar Order with his wife and daughter, May.


With his family, Carroll visited the de la Serre estate to discuss the Grand Master François' plans regarding the King and the future of France in the spring of 1774. While his wife and daughter were entertained by Julie and Élise de la Serre, Mr. Carroll attended a meeting with François and his Templar associates.

In 1788, Frederick Weatherall asked for the Carrolls' assistance in hunting Bernard Ruddock. This caught the Carrolls' attention, since Ruddock was a former Assassin. The following day, Élise and her handmaiden, Hélène, arrived at their home in Mayfair unexpectedly. Unaware that their arrival was unplanned, Weatherall claimed that Élise was to aid them in their hunt.

They accepted their request in exchange for Élise's cooperation in infiltrating Jennifer Scott's home and retrieving Haytham Kenway's letters, which Carroll believed would give guidance to the Order. Before leaving, Élise requested to bring Hélène with her and Carroll agreed. They told her to take the alias of the non-existent Yvonne Albertine. In truth, they had murdered both Monica and Lucio Albertine to avoid compromises.

The Carrolls received information that Ruddock was staying at the Boars Head Inn on 6 April; with Weatherall, they infiltrated the place only to find Élise freeing Ruddock. Carroll asked Élise to hand over Haytham Kenway's letters. Élise obliged, and told them of Haytham's goal to unite the two Orders, which Peter Carroll found stupid and naive.

Not bothering to read the letters and oblivious to the fact that they were Arno Dorian's letters, May tossed them into the fire as Carroll explained that those ideals were impossible. He then ordered his daughter to kill Élise as her first blood, but it was May who was killed. In shock, Élise took her advantage and knocked Carroll off-balance while Weatherall fought off their three swordsmen.

Mrs. Carroll attempted to kill them with her pistol but only managed to maim Weatherall's leg as they attempted to escape. Unfortunately, the pistol exploded and wounded her hand. Enraged with May's death, the Carrolls chased the pair to the Dover beach, but failed.

In July 1789, Mr. Carroll placed a bounty on Élise, Weatherall and Hélène. He also hired Hook and Harvey to eliminate them, but the pair failed in their attempt.

Personality and characteristics

Peter Carroll was proud and vain, treating other peoples' lives with little respect. He also put little trust in people, doubting them and making sure that they stayed loyal to the Carrolls. Similar to his wife, he always appeared to wear a bemused smile.


In 2015, his name was on a list of known British Templars used by the Templar Isabelle Ardant.