This article is about the Persian scimitars of Edward Kenway. You may be looking for the Persian scimitars of Italy.
AC4 Persian Scimitars

A Persian Scimitar

The Persian Scimitars were a pair of swords earned by the 18th century pirate Edward Kenway after he completed various challenges. The swords were scimitars of Persian origin, hence their name.


Unlike the Persian scimitars that were widespread in Italy during the Renaissance era, the scimitars obtained by the pirate Edward Kenway boasted a far thinner blade with a tapered appearance. As scimitars, their blades were sharp on only one edge and curved. Despite this, the curves were more moderate than that of the Italian Persian scimitars. Peculiar to these swords were their slate blue color, as though the swords were either forged from a metal of that color or corroded. Their crossguards were straight, with centerpieces that were elegantly-patterned and shaped like a diamond and ends that resembled tiny stubs. Because they were of the same color as that of the blades and the hilts, which tapered mildly into the pommel that curved forward, the swords at a glance seemed to have been forged from entirely single bars of metal.[1]


At some point between 1714 to 1723, the pirate and later Assassin Edward Kenway earned the Persian Scimitars from challenges he completed in his adventures.[1]

Weapon statistics

Speed Combo Damage Cost Availability
2 2 3 N/A Community challenge award


  • The name of this pair of swords "Persian Scimitars" is similar to that of the Persian Shamshir encountered in Assassin's Creed: Revelations, known as simply "Scimitar" in its prequels Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Technically both the Persian Scimitars and the Persian Shamshir may be referred to as scimitars or shamshir as shamshir (شمشیر‎‎), the Persian word for sword, has been borrowed into English to refer to scimitars of Persian origin.
  • In the cover art of Assassin's Creed: Reflections Issue 4, Edward Kenway is depicted brandishing one of the Persian Scimitars. In the actual comic, he is not seen using it, however, instead relying on a plain cutlass he happened to pick up in the heat of battle.