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The Persian Rite of the Templar Order is the branch of the Templar Order based in Iran, in operation since at least the 6th century BCE.


Aiding the Achaemenid Empire

In the 6th century BCE, the Templars strongly supported Darius I and aided him when he overthrew the Empire's usurper Gaumata and ascended the throne of Persia.[1] In the 5th century BCE, the Templars continued to be strong allies with Darius' son and successor, Xerxes I.[1][2]

The Templars aided Xerxes in his suppressions of revolts in Egypt and Babylon, as well as his attempted conquest of Greece in 480 BCE.[1] However, on 4 August 465 BCE, Xerxes was killed by the Persian Assassin Darius, marking the first recorded use of the Hidden Blade.[3]

Modern times

In 1953, Abstergo Industries, the primary public front of the modern-day Templar Order, with the help of hired actors and agents such as Sha'baan Ja'fari, orchestrated the 1953 coup against the prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh alongside the CIA, in order to place Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi into complete power and ensure their oil interests. Four years later, they helped Pahlavi establish the SAVAK, a secret police that brutally tortured all those who would speak against him.[4]


Allies and puppets

Ancient history

20th Century