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"He don't hurt no one, so I leave him be."
―Robert Faulkner, on Peg Leg.[src]
AC3-Peg Leg

Peg Leg

"Peg Leg" was a sailor who resided in the Davenport Homestead dock during the American Revolutionary period. At his request, Connor collected trinkets in exchange for William Kidd's letters, which were in Peg Leg's possession.


Upon the restoration of the Aquila, Connor approached Peg Leg, inquiring about Captain Kidd's treasure, after having heard him creating a ruckus about it.

Peg Leg then told Connor that he was in possession of letters detailing the location of map pieces for the treasure, but would only give them to him in exchange for "trinkets": twenty-four small treasure boxes located around the Davenport Homestead, the Frontier, Boston and New York City. As agreed, when Connor collected them, Peg Leg traded the letters.

Personality and characteristicsEdit

As his name indicates, Peg Leg had a wooden prosthesis for his left leg. At the time of meeting Connor, he was middle-aged but had grey stubble, a striped orange woolly hat, a dirty beige top with a jacket, black striped trousers and a satchel.

A habitual drunkard, many tended to avoid Peg Leg; Robert Faulkner remarked that his talkative mood was enough to "chew your ear off," though the sailor also described him as harmless.


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