Paulsgrave Williams

Paulsgrave "Paul" Williams (1678 – unknown) was the quartermaster to the pirate and Assassin Samuel Bellamy.


Originally from Rhode Island, Williams joined Bellamy as his quartermaster and financier at some point. Sailing to the Caribbean, the two joined the company of fellow pirate Henry Jennings in 1716. After the pirates captured the St. Marie, Bellamy and Williams betrayed Jennings and stole most of the plunder from the ship.

Seeking to avoid the wrath of Jennings, Bellamy and Williams joined up with Benjamin Hornigold, seeking to use the animosity between Hornigold and Jennings to ensure their safety. After Bellamy captured the Sultana and made it his flagship, he handed control of his former ship, the Marianne, to Williams.

In April 1717, Williams went to visit his family in Rhode Island. In the meantime, Bellamy was attacked and killed by the Templar Order under the cover of a storm.

In 2013, Paulsgrave was featured in Abstergo Entertainment's simulation of Alonzo Batilla's memories, available as a legendary crew member for the cost of 1,500,000 coins, unlocking the "Damage x2" ship perk.