"Only recently I have heard rumors of a woman claiming to be a descendant of de Molay's line nosing around in various archives. Centuries may have passed, but passions sometimes have long memories."
―Teragon, in an unsent letter to Bertrand Grimany.

Paul Teragon was a Frenchman living in Paris during the French Revolution and a distant descendant of Guillaume de Nogaret, the Assassin mastermind behind the fall of the Knights Templar and one of the men who interrogated their Grand Master Jacques de Molay after his arrest in 1307.

After his friend Bertrand Grimany revealed his own relation to the Inquisitor Philippe de Marigny, Teragon was attacked and brutally murdered by Anne de Molay, a living descendant of Jacques de Molay. His body was discovered by his wife, who alerted the authorities.

Shortly after the murder, the Assassin Arno Dorian investigated Teragon's home, found that Teragon's death was a part of a larger conspiracy and used the evidence he found to bring the killer to justice.