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Paul Gorm (unknown - september 1940) was a young Briton and the son of Marc Gorm and his wife Maria. Through his father, Paul and his younger sister, Justine, were unknowingly the descendants of an Assassin bloodline.

Paul's father was a captain of the Royal Navy who in 1931 was sent on the Russian front after a mutiny where he was captured and died in a goulag. Paul and his family were then taken in by Marc's brother, Eddie, a dismissed officer and war hero turned docker after he refused to quell the mutiny led by his brother.

In 1940, Paul, as well as his mother and his sister, were killed during a German bombardment on London as the family was preparing to leave the city to join his maternal grandparents in the country. Their death prompted his uncle to work as a double agent for the Americans and later to join the Assassin Brotherhood.