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Pasherenptah (90 BCE – 41 BCE) was a high priest in Memphis during the reign of Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII, and one of the first members of the Hidden Ones, the organization that would later transform into the Assassin Brotherhood.


During the 1st century BCE, Pasherenptah served as the High Priest of Ptah in Memphis. He met and married Taimhotep, the daughter of a noble family in the city. For many years, Pasherenptah and Taimhotep had hopes of having children to carry on their traditions and inherit the position. However, Taimhotep suffered various miscarriges along the way, leading to her to fear it would affect Pasherenptah's reputation. By 49 BCE, Memphis was plagued by a series of "curse", leading him to sought the Pharaoh Cleopatra and her follower Apollodorus by assistance.[1]

In 48 BCE, Pasherenptah met with Apollodorus and Cleopatra in the former's estate in Kanopos Nome, where he was introduced to Aya of Alexandria and her husband Bayek of Siwa. There, they learned about the Order of the Ancients, an organization with power in various regions of Egypt. Pasherenptah explained that one of the members, the Lizard, had been consolidating power in Memphis, such that even the Apis bull was affected. Pasherenptah and the group sought Bayek's help to eliminate the Order, which he accepted.[2]



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