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Panchrates was an Egyptian resident of Memphis during the reign of Ptolemy XIII. He was the older brother of the twin priestesses, Tawe and Taous, who served at the Temple of Ptah.


In 48 BCE, while in the city's market with his sisters, Panchrates was kidnapped by a group of soldiers dispatched by Hetepi, a priest of Ptah and a member of the Order of the Ancients, losing one of his finger during the commotion. Panchrates was brought to the abandoned Temple of Hathor, where he was held captive in a cage. Hetepi had hope to use his livelihood to threaten his sisters into working for him. To this end, Hetepi had the priestesses sabotage the ritual of the upcoming Apis festival by poisoning the apis bull in the Temple of Ptah.[1]

Eventually, thanks to the involvement of the Medjay, Aya and Bayek, Panchrates was freed by the latter, after the sisters revealed to him the reason behind their actions. Panchrates was carried by Bayek back to his home located across the Temple of Ptah, where Aya and his sisters were waiting. Before reuniting with his sisters, Panchrates revealed the identity of the Lizard to Bayek, aiding him in his investigation.[1]