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Palnatoke, was a legendary Danish hero and chieftain of the island of Fyn. Mentionned in the Norse saga, Palnatoke founded the Brotherhood of the Jomsvikings and etablished its code of conduct.

The Jomsvikings were a highly selective all-males Order which required adherence to a strict code of conduct in order to instill a sense of military discipline among its members as any violation of these rules could be punished with immediate expulsion.


During the 10th century, as Styrbjörn the Strong was looking for allies to fight against his uncle, King Eric of Sweden, he decided to sail to the Fortress of the Jomsvikings, Jomsborg. Once there he defied Palnatoke in a duel and bested him, becoming the new ruler of the Jomsvikings, with Palnatoke as his second-in-command.

Later Palnatoke followed Styrbjörn as he allied himself with the Danish king Harald Bluetooth.


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