"On the palace where, Bourbon's daughter lived. The assembly meets on, a bridge facing South."
―A riddle by Nostradamus describing the Palais Bourbon.[src]

The Palais Bourbon is a palace in Paris and the seat of the French National Assembly.


Built at the whim of Louise Françoise de Bourbon, the legitimized daughter of King Louis XIV and the Marquise de Montespan, the Palais Bourbon was functioned as a kind of self-contained haven from the chaotic city. Although the palace was constructed outside the former ramparts of Paris, it was situated close to the Place Louis XV. King Louis XV purchased the palace in 1756 in order to decorate the southern side of the square bearing his name.

After the French Revolution broke out, the Palais Bourbon was nationalized, and the legislative Council of Five Hundred began meeting there in 1798. Several members of the Templar Order were able to join the Council and used their influence to attempt to continue the Reign of Terror. In response, the Assassin Council of the French Brotherhood had Arno Dorian kill the Templars, curtailing their influence.