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Owen Meyers (born 2001) is a teenager attempting to clear the name of his late father, as well as the descendant of Alfonso del Castillo.

In 2016, Owen was recruited by Monroe, who sought to bring together a group of other teenagers that had Templar or Assassin ancestors, in order to find the Trident, a Piece of Eden. The group, which in addition to Sean was composed of Owen, Javier, Natalya and the siblings Grace and David, accepted after Monroe told them about the Assassin-Templar War.


Early life

At some point during Owen's childhood, his father was arrested for the hold-up of a branch office of the Malta Banking Corporation. Owen believed him when he maintained his innocence but his father, who had a tumultuous youth, was nevertheless convicted and later died in prison.[1]

Following his father's conviction, Owen and his mother went to live with his maternal grandparents. Owen had a difficult time with his grandfather who was convinced that Owen would eventually follow his father's path.[1]

Meeting Monroe

In 2016, despite the fact that they eventually grew apart, Owen asked his friend, Javier, to help him prove the innocence of his late father. Owen wanted to use a clandestine Animus owned by the mysterious Monroe to relive the memories of his father's supposed bank robbery. However, as the duo met with Monroe, the man told them that he couln't help them as Owen had only access to his father's memories from before his own conception and hadn't any DNA sample of his father taken from after the robbery.[1]

Despite Owen's disillusionment and for the sake of curiosity, they still decided to use the Animus and experienced the memories of two of their ancestors who met during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. The ancestor of Owen, Alfonso del Castillo, was a conquistador who unknowingly witnessed Hernán Cortés using a Piece of Eden, in fact a prong of the Trident of Eden, to brainwash the ancestor of Javier, a Tlaxcaltec commander named Chimalpopoca. [1] Following this discovery and after Monroe disappeared without answering their questions, Owen and Javier unknowingly became persons of interest for both the Assassins and the Templars. Indeed, a Templar agent tried to approach him on the street some days later, but an Assassin killed him from a nearby roof prompting Owen to flee, escaping the Assassin with the help of Monroe.[1]

After Monroe told them about the Assassin-Templar War and convinced them that the best course of action was to find the artifact first and hide it from the belligerents, Owen and his friend Javier joined Monroe's team of teenagers. Recruited by Monroe, they all shared into their DNA, the ancestral memories of the same event: the 1863 draft riots in New York City, during which the prong was used again.[1]

Choosing a side

Under the guidance of Monroe and thanks to his modified Animus which allowed multiple users to share their session, Owen relived the memories of the Assassin Varius, while the others looked for clues into the memories of their own ancestors. In 1863, Varius was instructed to recover the hidden prong and deliver it to General Ulysses S. Grant, but was later hunted by Cudgel Cormac, Javier's ancestor. However, the group eventually discovered that thanks to Varius' new recruit and Grace's ancestor, the gifted Eliza, the dagger managed to reach General Grant who kept it until his death.[1]

However the use of the Animus didn't go unnoticed and a Templar strike team captured the teenagers with only Owen and Javier escaping thanks to the skills they learned from their ancestors while Monroe disappeared. As they were debating about their options, the Assassin whom Owen previously met, Griffin, found them back thanks to the tracking device in their stolen Abstergo bike.[1]

Griffin convinced Owen to trust him, and the teenager in turn convinced his reluctant friend to work with the Assassins, explaining that Pieces of Eden are always abused and that Monroe may suffer the same fate. The teenagers revealed to the Assassin the location of the Dagger, in Grant's house. After Griffin prompted them to use Eagle Vision to see if was truly trustworthy and after he promised to secure the Brotherhood's help in order to prove that Owen's father was innocent of the crime he was arrested for, he brought them to his safe house. Noting the boys' disappointment in their dilapidated surroundings, Griffin explained about the Great Purge that nearly drove the Assassins to the edge of extinction and how ruthless the Templars truly were.[1]

After equipping themselves and receiving a call from Gavin Banks, who revealed that the Dagger was in fact a prong of the Trident of Eden, they took a private plane to New York and from there drove to Grant's house. However, someone arrived there first and left with the artifact beforehand, the stash being empty. Before they left, three helicopters filled with Templar agents arrived to the house and after Owen destroyed two of them with an EMP grenade, they escaped.[1]

Once they made it to safety, Griffin scolded Owen for disobeying his order not to engage the Templars, and threatened to renege on his promise if it happened again. He then reminded that Abstergo will not rest until the other Pieces of the Trident are found and that Owen and the other teenagers are the key to finding them. Offered a choice to carry on, Javier considered dropping out but Owen, determined to find the truth, agreed to help the Assassins.[1]

Search for the second prong

Owen and Javier spent the next few weeks being trained in basic combat and freerunning by Griffin, before being forced to scuttle their storage locker safehouse when the Assassin informant, Rothenburg, warned Gavin Banks that the Templars had found them. After evading the Templars by taking a series of taxi cabs, they arrived at their new safehouse, where Rebecca Crane had set up the Animus for Owen, informing him that his Chinese ancestor, Zhang Zhi, may lead them to the second prong.[2]

While in the Animus, Owen observed comparisons between himself and Zhi. Ultimately, Zhi's memories were a deadend, as she was crippled after assassinating Mongke Khan. After he exited the Animus, he learned that Javier had broke into a police warehouse and stole his father's casefile. Looking through the evidence, Owen found a spit sample containing his father's DNA from after the robbery. However, Griffin stated they first needed to decode and upload his father's memories to the Abstergo Cloud and use Helix. Nonetheless, Owen became filled with hope that he could finally prove his father's innocence to his family, the world and himself.[2]


  • Owen is a welsh name which comes from either the old Welsh for "young warrior" or is a Welsh variant for the Greek name Eugenios meaning "well born".


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