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Osman (unknown – 1191) was a Templar soldier based in Cyprus, and secretly a member of the Cypriot resistance. Alexander tasked the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad to deliver a message to Osman soon after the latter's arrival. During Osman's and Altaïr's conversation, Osman informed Altaïr that a man named Fredrick the Red was to be killed, in order to weaken the Templars' rule.

After Fredrick's death, a speech was given by Armand Bouchart to the people of Limassol. Osman, standing next to Armand, tried to negotiate with him to make people of Cyprus less disturbed by the Templars. Bouchart responded by taking out his sword and killing Osman.


  • Osman is a variant of the Arabic name Uthman, عثمان, meaning "baby bustard".
  • Osman's model is identical to a Crusader sergeant.



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