The Orelov family was a Russian family and an ancestor line of Daniel Cross.

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After moving to Russia, Andrei joined the Narodnaya Volya, desiring to bring down the aristocratic rule over the country, who saw the organization to be terrorist in nature. When his son Nikolai was old enough, he had him inducted into the Order as he had been, despite his son's own reservations.

At some point Nikolai married a woman called Anna, who was aware of her husband's Assassin background.

During 1888, Anna was several months pregnant with her and Nikolai's first child. However, the baby died before birth; a grievous blow to the Orelov family, which caused Nikolai to become bitter and filled with hate.

Between 1908 and 1917, Anna gave birth to Nikolai's first surviving child, a daughter they named Nadya, and the two were present with Nikolai when he exhumed the body of Grigori Rasputin.

In July 1918, months after the October Revolution, a disillusioned Orelov decided to retire from the Assassins and leave the country with his family. Needing false documents to escape the turmoil in Russia and unable to get it through the Assassins without revealing his departure, Orelov decided to accept one last mission for the Brotherhood hoping to find some money to buy new identities for his family.

After betraying his brothers to save Anastasia, Nikolaï finally carried out his plan to definitely leave both his country and the Assassin Order. Along with their daughter, Nadya, Nikolaï and Anna crossed Russia's borders and boarded a ship that was bound for the United States, aided by using the power of the Staff's shard. Some time later, Anna gave birth to their second child, a son by the name of Innokenti.

During the Palmer Raids of 1919, while Nikolai and his family were in a local bar, federal officers arrived and began to round up Russian immigrants. In the ensuing chaos, Anna and Nadya were separated from Nikolai and Innokenti, and were deported back to Russia. The Assassin Brotherhood later claimed that they had ensured Anna's and Nadya's safe arrival in Russia, to protect "their own"

For the next two years, he attempted to find clues to their whereabouts, breaking into compounds where immigrants were held for deportation, though Nikolaï only managed to uncover that they had been transferred to Finland, a country at war with Russia. After hearing a rumor that some prisoners were shot by Finnish soldiers after having crossed the Russian border, and not hearing anything that indicated Anna or Nadya's survival, Nikolaï became convinced that they had perished.

For the next years, Nikolaï lived in seclusion with his son in a cabin in the woods near Manchester, Connecticut. They scraped together a life, cutting wood from trees and hunting the wildlife in the forest. In 1926, Nikolaï was tracked down by his former Assassin brother Sergei, who was sent to retrieve Nikolaï by the Mentor, as the Assassins claimed ownership of the Staff's shard and the knowledge of Nikolaï's vision at Tunguska. After Sergei threatened Innokenti's life, Nikolaï attacked him and strangled him to death. Nikolaï then discovered an FBI badge in Sergei's pocket, and realized that more Assassins would come after him.

Over the course of the next two years, Nikolaï began training Innokenti in combat and stealth, in the hope that they might be well prepared for the inevitable. Nikolaï's training consisted of himself being Innokenti's practice target, and his harshness often resulted in Innokenti being forced to sleep outside with a meager meal upon his failures. One day, when Innokenti was able to overpower his father and held his knife at Nikolaï's throat, Nikolaï knew his son was ready and strong, and together they began to prepare for the oncoming Assassin attack.

When the Assassins came for Nikolai and Innokenti, the pair ambushed them, killing many with an explosive trap set in their cabin. However, shortly afterwards, Nikolai was shot in the leg.

Despite Nikolai's injury, Innokenti and his father managed to reach a river crossing. However, after Innokenti used a zipline to cross over, Nikolai was shot in his other leg by the last remaining Assassin, who wanted to bring him to Washington to learn what Nikolai had been shown by the Imperial Sceptre. He also wanted to bring Innokenti in, and tried to persuade him by telling him that his mother and sister were alive.

However, Nikolai didn't believe him, and prayed for his son to be strong. To this, Innokenti understood his father's intention and shot him, killing both Nikolaï and the Assassin. With the threat removed, Innokenti retrieved his father's Hidden Blade from his body.

Family tree Edit

Andrei Orelov
Nikolai Orelov
Anna Orelov
Unknown child
Nadya Orelov
Innokenti Orelov
Unknown child
One generation
Daniel Cross

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