Only a Nightmare was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline accompanied her mother through the city of New Orleans, but after chasing a loose chicken she became lost.


Aveline began chasing after an escaped chicken.

  • Aveline: Come back!

Aveline neared the chicken.

  • Aveline: Come back!

As she reached it, a guard kicked it away from her.

  • Aveline: Oh! Oh! Ah!
  • Slave trader: –perfect for plantation work, Monsieur. Look at this one. Hardworking, strong, healthy too.

He turned and threatened a slave next to him.

Only a Nightmare 4

A slaver threatening one of his subjects

  • Slave trader: I told you to keep your place, Kongo! As I was saying, Monsieur, this one is strong as an ox. It's in good health and whole not counting the missing toes...
  • Aveline: Maman?

Aveline bypassed a group of guards, and saw her mother walk past.

  • Aveline: Maman!

She ran up to her mother and grabbed her arm.

  • Aveline: Maman!

The woman turned around, revealing herself to not be Aveline's mother.

  • Aveline: Pardon, Madame. (Excuse me, Ma'am.)

A guard saw Aveline and yelled.

  • Guard: You there! Bantling! Pest! I'll have you arrested!

Aveline was shoved onto the ground by the guard. She awoke as an older woman dressed in slave attire, before climbing to her feet and facing multiple slavers around her. After fighting them, she was frightened by a man with a snake coming out of his mouth. Awakening suddenly – revealing the events to be a dream – she was comforted by her stepmother, Madeleine de L'Isle.

Only a Nightmare 9

Madeleine comforting Aveline

  • Madeleine: Aveline, ma chérie (my dear), you were shouting again. Was it the nightmare?
  • Aveline: Oui. (Yes.) Only a dream. I'm sorry to have woken you.
  • Madeleine: Shhh, ma chérie (my dear), shhh. Never apologize. A mother worries – even a stepmother.
  • Aveline: Thank you, Madeleine.

As Madeleine left, Aveline took out a locket made by her mother and gazed at it.

  • Aveline: Maman... do you worry too? Did you forget me? Or are you gone?

She climbed out of bed and looked out the window.

  • Aveline: In any case, the night has better uses than sleep.

She opened a chest and took out her Assassin robes, before dressing herself in the outfit.


Aveline awoke from the nightmare and made her way out into the city.