On the Origin of Syrup was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob questioned Richard Owen to learn who was behind the production of Starrick's Soothing Syrup.


Jacob found Darwin arguing with Owen.

  • Owen: Mr. Darwin! You and I may not agree, but I have never done you wrong, sir! Never, I say!
  • Darwin: Mr. Owen, you are truly the most insufferable fellow I have ever had the misfortune to count among my acquaintances! Mr. Dickens was right: Foul weather wouldn't know where to have you!
  • Owen: Foul weather- Bah! I have always been convinced that existing influences were responsible for the ordained birth of species!
  • Darwin: Let me remind you, sir, that you have accused me of abusing science, yet you are making my very ears bleed!
  • Owen: You wound me, sir!
  • Darwin: Will you, Mr. Owen, for once in your miserable life, tell the truth and admit your guilt in this matter?!
  • Owen: I have told you before, sir, I had nothing to do with that anonymous article! Nothing, I say!

As Owen prepared to enter his carriage and close the door, Darwin stopped him.

  • Darwin: That is a lie, sir, and you know it!
  • Owen: Bah! I don't have time for this nonsense!
  • Darwin: Nonsense? It is my name and reputation you have willfully besmirched, sir! My very name!
  • Owen: Bah!

Owen shut the door to his carriage.

  • Owen: Drive, damn you! Drive!
  • Driver: Yah!

Darwin grabbed the door handle, tearing it off as the carriage drove away.

  • Darwin: That is Richard Owen! A vile, despicable wretch of a man!
  • Jacob: Really? I could have sworn you were close friends.
  • Darwin: Mr. Owen works at the asylum. He will know who made the Syrup! Get him! Get him!
    Now would be a good time to act, wouldn't you agree?
    He's getting away!

Jacob chased after Owen's carriage.

  • Owen: Faster, you nitwit! Faster!
    Careful, you fool!
    Who taught you how to drive?!
    Help! Help!

Jacob hijacked Owen's carriage, damaging it to frighten the latter.

  • Owen: Whatever Darwin is paying you, it's not worth it. Do you realize how much trouble you're in?
  • Jacob: None at all?
  • Owen: Bah! If you're trying to intimidate me, ruffian, you're wasting your time!
  • Jacob: I've always wondered how much of a beating this type of vehicle could take. I just have a few questions for you, sir.
  • Owen: Whatever it is Darwin wants, I will not give in!
  • Jacob: What about Starrick's Soothing Syrup?
  • Owen: Soothing Syrup? Why would a scientist have any interest in panaceas?
  • Jacob: I wager your life, Mr. Owen, that you know something.
  • Owen: Stop! I'm telling you, I do not know a thing! I swear! Nor am I involved - or have I ever been involved - with anyone selling that patent medicine!
  • Jacob: There may be some truth to that, but you do know who created it. Tell me!
  • Owen: I will not utter a word on the matter! I am a gentleman, sir, and I-
  • Jacob: Next stop: The River Thames! Better speak now, old man!
  • Owen: Stop! For pity's sake! Stop, and I will tell you everything I know!

Jacob stopped the carriage.

  • Owen: Dr. Elliotson! Dr. John Elliotson! He formulated the elixir! He is the man you want! Not me! I beg you, good sir, stop this madness!
  • Jacob: Now... Was that so hard?
  • Owen: Yes!


Jacob learned from Owen that John Elliotson had created the Soothing Syrup.



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