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Olivier Garneau (unknown – 30 May 2014) was the Chief Creative Officer of Abstergo Entertainment, a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries.[1] He appeared in an article of the Abstergo News Wire on 11 October 2013, celebrating Abstergo Entertainment's first anniversary.[2]

That month, Olivier met a new research analyst who had just started working with Abstergo, asking which ancestor's memories they were exploring, as part of the Sample 17 Project.[1]

On 14 October,[2] Olivier was contacted by Abstergo Industries administrator Laetitia England to give a report of their progress in locating the Observatory through the analyst's work, promising to work harder despite low funding and a lack of solid leads. Some time later, he communicated with project lead Melanie Lemay about the importance of meeting Laetitia's demands.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Olivier left for a shareholder's meeting in Chicago, but never arrived. Concurrently, a hacker inside Abstergo Entertainment compromised various computers and security cameras in the facility, prompting a security lockdown. Melanie took charge in Olivier's stead and managed the breach, which she later concluded had been caused by the head of the technology department, an employee named John Standish.[1]

Four years later, CCTV footage, sourced from Chicago, emerged that showed the 2014 killing of an unidentified individual, by an unknown assailant, at a busy Chicago intersection. Layla Hassan's files noted that the description of the victim did appear to match Olivier's, but that she could not be certain.[3]


  • In an internal email sent between administrators at Abstergo Entertainment, Olivier added that he was related to "François-Xavier Garneau, noted Quebecois historian and poet". 
  • Besides Laetitia England, Olivier was also known to have been in contact with Alan Rikkin before his disappearance.
  • Olivier was confirmed to be the only person at Abstergo Entertainment that was aware of Abstergo Industries being a front for the Templars, until Melanie Lemay was inducted into the Order.[4]
  • Scriptwriter Darby McDevitt confirmed via Twitter that he originally thought of Olivier defecting to the Assassin Order as the canonical explanation for Olivier's disappearance. However, the canonicity of the explanation remains to be seen.[5]
  • In the Animus database entry of the Observatory there is a note from Olivier congratulating the researcher for finding it and saying he would report it to Laetitia England.
  • On Layla Hassan's computer, her files on Olivier include a receipt from Quinkie's. Quinkie's is a chain of restaurants featured in Watch_Dogs. The CCTV image features a man attacking Olivier that looks very similar to Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of Watch_Dogs.