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ACU Notre-Dame
Political information

Paris's most famous cathedral.


Île de la Cité, Paris, France

Date constructed

1160 – 1345

Historical information


Additional information
Notable features

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Notre-Dame, or the Notre-Dame Cathedral (French: Notre-Dame de Paris), is a famous Gothic-style cathedral in Paris, France. The structure was heavily desecrated and burgled during the tumultuous French Revolution.

In 1791, the Templar Charles Gabriel Sivert organized a meeting with his associate which was to take place in Notre-Dame during a Mass ceremony. To accomplish this, Sivert's men stole the cathedral's master keys from one of the priests and positioned themselves throughout the building so as to ensure nothing went wrong. However, the Assassin Arno Dorian managed to reclaim the keys and gain access to Notre-Dame, where he assassinated Sivert as the latter waited in a confessional booth.[1]

Arno would later discover a secret laboratory beneath the cathedral which had been used by the noted alchemist Nicholas Flamel. Many of Notre-Dame's relics were stolen by the Templars during the Revolution, though the Assassins managed to recover several and return them to the cathedral.[1]


  • The Notre-Dame was single-handedly recreated for Assassin's Creed: Unity by Senior Level Artist Caroline Miousse, who spent more than two years on constructing the iconic monument. While most of the cathedral is faithful to the original, creative liberties had to be taken with most of the art that adorns it, which is protected under copyright law.[2]



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