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Nothing Is True... was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward set out to meet Kidd at the given coordinates.


Edward snuck through the wilderness of Tulum, looking for James Kidd.

  • Assassin 1: The Mentor bids us be ready for anything. The Templars may know our whereabouts now.
  • Assassin 2: It was Walpole, isn't that right? The Englishman?
  • Assassin 1: Aye. He played us from the start... betrayed our confidence.
  • Assassin 2: How could we have known? Even Ah Tabai was taken in by his charms.
  • Assassin 3: I saw a ship pass this way, close upon the shore, then gone.
  • Assassin 4: Ah Tabai warned us to be vigilant. The Templars have been closing in for well on a year now.
  • Assassin 3: Indeed. But Templars make noise with their comings and goings. I've not heard a thing just yet.
  • Assassin 4: You will.
  • Assassin 5: (What is he doing here?)
  • Assassin 6: (He has been summoned. Though he does not know it.)
  • Assassin 7: (An imposter wears the costume of a traitor. How much lower can one fall?)

Edward met with Kidd.

  • Edward: Jaysus, Kidd! You led me into a mess. Is it these monks guarding the treasure you promised me?
  • Kidd: I told you I had a secret to share... but I didn't say it would be easy. Now let's get this door open and I'll show you what's inside.

Kidd opened an ancient door.

Nothing Is True 4

Ah Tabai disarming Edward

  • Edward: Ah! We're on to something. I can feel it...
  • Ah Tabai: Captain Kenway.
  • Edward: Ah!
  • Ah Tabai: Where is the Assassin, Duncan Walpole?
  • Edward: Dead and buried. After he tried to kill me.
  • Ah Tabai: We are not sorry to see him gone. But it was you who carried out his final betrayal. Why?
  • Edward: Money was my only aim.
  • Ah Tabai: Should I find comfort in that? You murdered our brothers and sisters in Havana!
  • Kidd: He has the Sense, Mentor.
  • Ah Tabai: James tells me you treated with the Templars there. Did you see the man they call The Sage?
  • Edward: Aye.
  • Ah Tabai: Would you recognize his face if you saw it again?
  • Edward: I reckon so...
  • Ah Tabai: I must be certain.
  • Kidd: Not a word. Come on.


Edward reached Kidd in the Assassin hideout, and they entered the Mayan ruin together.