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Nodar Ninidze

Nodar Ninidze is a member of the Assassin Order and the chief steward aboard the Altaïr II.


Nodar was a sumo wrestler, but quit due to a "vile stew of politics and corruption" within the sport. After leaving the ring, Nodar returned home, finding his younger brother Akaki in the midst of a war with Russian and Chechen rebels. Nodar suspected a higher threat; Gavin Banks confirmed these suspicions when he appeared to Nodar and Akaki, pointing towards the higher power pulling the strings: the Templars.[1]

On 25 December 2013, Nodar cooked Christmas dinner for the crew of the Altaïr II while they were docked in Osaka, Japan. Akaki demanded to know how he had once again smuggled a turkey onboard the ship to cook, but Nodar simply responded by grinning back at him. Nodar then poured the crew a bottle of the alcohol he and Akaki brewed in a still located in the deepest bowls of the vessel.[1]

The Altaïr II sailed to Tokyo on 31 December to purchase supplies for the next part of their journey and celebrate the New Year. While there, Nodar paid three-hundred dollars to eat a meal that was prepared by a man who was revered as the last living master sushi chef.[1]