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Nobby Clarke was a member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins who was active during the 20th century.

In 1936, Nobby was sent by the British Brotherhood to eliminate an entire Templar branch in Tallinn, a mission he succeeded in which he was infamous for within the Brotherhood.

The following year, the British Brotherhood appointed him to assist Ignacio cell. When he arrived at the hideout, he sneaked inside but Glaucia wounded him. He ran to the rooftops with Glaucia in pursuit. She eventually caught up with the two of them coming crashing down through a broken roof. He revealed himself as their backup sent from London.

They safely returned to their hideout, where the Spanish Assassins interrogated Nobby as to why he was the only backup that was sent considering how desperate they are for help. Nobby revealed that he infamously eliminated an entire Templar branch in Tallinn the year before, which instantly won him the approval of the Spaniards. Ignacio requested that the team train with Nobby on the rooftop to see his skills first hand.

In the mean time he ventured out to try and find new weaponry, as their current ones are in a bad state of repair. During their training, Nobby and the Spanish Assassins started discussing the split between the anarchists and communists within the community. Soon after, Ignacio ran past the group, insisting they all follow.

They reach a fevered gun battle between anarchists and communists, with the team undecided on which faction to side with. Nobby offered Ignacio an alternative, saying that the latter could make the team stop their in-fighting. The British Assassin then pulled the Koh-i-Noor out of his pocket and offered it to Ignacio, who stated that he felt it calling to him and touched the diamond.

Immediately his eyes started glowing with a blue energy, and serpent-like creatures of energy emerge from the Koh-i-Noor, encircling and wrapping themselves around everyone. With blood pouring from his eyes and nose, Ignacio dropped the diamond and passed out. From a nearby rooftop, the former Black Cross Albert Bolden observed everything that transpired.



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