No Laws But Our Own was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay set out to uncover the destination of Chevalier's expedition.


Shay met with James Cook in Percé.

  • Cook: Master Cormac! To what do I owe the pleasure?
  • Shay: I was stopping to restock my ship when I heard the talented Captain Cook was here. Could we have a word?
  • Cook: At your service, as always.
  • Shay: I'm looking for a man. Captain Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye.
  • Cook: The explorer. I have heard of him, and his illustrious family.
  • Shay: I must see him.
  • Cook: Ah, send him my regards! Or not... He sailed east a few days ago on a heading to Anticosti.
  • Shay: Hmm... Indeed.
  • Cook: I would advise caution.
  • Shay: Oh, I've been there before.
  • Cook: Then I bid you good fortune. I will be sailing past Conception Bay, should you require further assistance.
  • Shay: Much obliged.

Shay and Gist set sail for Anticosti.

No Laws But Our Own 2

The Morrigan heading for Anticosti

  • Gist: The Grand Master is pleased, Shay. What you did in New York... Well, it's only a matter of time now before order is restored.
  • Shay: New York was never "orderly", Gist... With Hope gone, perhaps...
  • Gist: It couldn't have been easy for you, my lad. But you did what you had to do.
  • Shay: I keep telling myself that...
  • Gist: We're almost rid of the Assassins in New York, and it's not as if the hellcat didn't try to make you wear a pine overcoat. You had no other choice.
  • Shay: I chose to cast my lot with the Templars.
  • Gist: And we are glad you did, Shay. Who knows, had you not, you might have found yourself at the end of Master Kenway's blade.
  • Shay: Or yours!
  • Gist: That's the spirit! Look Shay, by killing Hope, you not only saved yourself and half of New York from the Assassins' poisons, you also learned the path we must take next. Now our task is simple: prevent a group of paper-skull killers from destroying another city. All in a day's work.
  • Shay: A long day, Gist.
  • Gist: Not to be insensitive, sir, but what did you learn from the departed damsel?
  • Shay: That she's cleverer than I even thought. Her whole ruse was to give Liam time to get back to Chevalier. They must have already set sail to a new Precursor site.
  • Gist: Determined to the end! I must say, I admire the misguided lass.
  • Shay: I don't. The Assassins won't stop their mad quest. They are desperate to find a Piece of Eden... Especially now that half of their Brotherhood is dead.

The Morrigan approached Anticosti, but found its docks to be heavily guarded by enemy ships.

  • Gist: There may be an alternate route to the west!
  • Shay: Anticosti is famed for its shipwrecks. They likely believe no one would venture into such dangerous waters.
  • Gist: None but fools and madmen, perhaps? Watch out for those icebergs, Captain.

Shay went ashore and infiltrated the fort.

No Laws But Our Own 3

Shay infiltrating the fort

  • Captain: This man stands before you in disgrace. Greed has corrupted his character and put our very livelihood in peril. We bow to no laws save our own. And those laws decree that any betrayal is met with the gravest punishment.
    Let this be a reminder! Obey the code! Now back to your posts!
  • Gang member 1: Mills deserved to swing. This place would be overrun with redcoats if we hadn't found him out.
  • Gang member 2: Makes you wonder how many other rats riddle this island.
  • Gang member 3: Only a matter of time before someone paid the price. Captain's been spitting bile ever since the Frenchman left.
  • Gang member 2: Never trusted that fellow.

Shay tracked down the gang members' leader.

  • Captain: These documents are nothing but blasted symbols and nonsense. That French devil was always one for secrets. But he has found the site of a great treasure. I am sure of it.

Shay stole Chevalier's maps from the captain.

  • Shay: Better head back to the Morrigan.

Cannon fire echoed as Shay made his way to the shore.

  • Shay: Blast! She's been found!
  • Crew member: Taking heavy damage, sir!
  • Gist: Hold fast! We wait for the Captain!

Shay reached the Morrigan.

  • Gist: We must leave, Shay!
  • Shay: You'll have no argument from me! Set sails! Make haste!
  • Gist: We're overmatched, sir!

A group of British ships appeared.

No Laws But Our Own 6

British ships engaging the pirates

  • Gist: The Royal Navy!
  • Shay: I still can't get used to that. King George's men will take care of those pirates! We've got our own battles to fight.

Shay and Gist escaped their attackers.

  • Shay: That was a far closer escape than I'm comfortable with, but we have what we came for.
  • Gist: Then we know where de la Vérendrye's ships are headed?
  • Shay: Not quite. But we have the means to find out. We'll need Cook to interpret these maps.
  • Gist: Then we should set sail for the coast of Newfoundland.


Shay procured maps which allowed the Templars to determine the destination of the Assassin expedition.