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"There's a woman who can help. Unfortunately, she'll remind you of our childhood neighbour...if the Ripper doesn't get to her first."
―Jacob's letter to Evie, hinting her to seek Nellie, 1888.[src]

Nellie (Between 1863 and 1865 – unknown) was one of the prostitutes that worked for the Assassin Jacob Frye. She later worked with his twin sister Evie Frye on stopping Jack the Ripper.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nellie: "Oi, what kind of man gets his jollies hurting a defenseless girl?"
Abusive Man: "Oh, god, please... let me go... don't tell my wife."
Nellie: "So now yer sorry, eh? Don't you ever lay a hand on one of use girls again. We know who you are."
—Nellie and her girls confronting an abusive man on the latter's assault on one of the prostitutes, 1888.[src]
Nellie was a prostitute operating in one of Lady Olwyn Owers' brothels. She was acquainted with the Assassin initiate and undercover Mary Ann Nichols, as she was her roommate.

She met Jacob Frye on March 1888, as the latter saw her defend one of the prostitutes working in Dorset Street by screaming and grabbing the cane of a brutal client. Admired with Nellie's bravery, Jacob had offered them a glass of gin, but the girl refused. Jacob then bought them dinner at the Frying Pan and became acquainted with each other.

Autumn of Terror Edit

Nellie: "Katey? Oh, he can't, no, he can't have... And Lizzie? Not both, not in one night..."
Jacob: "Nellie, remember what I said. Now go."
―Jacob urging Nellie to flee London as a result of the Ripper's murder spree, 1888.[src]
Nellie and the other prostitutes assist Jacob in stopping Jack the Ripper when the rogue Assassin began going out of control and started killing the prostitutes & the other Assassin's associates. Among the casualties are Nellie's roommate Mary Ann Nichols. During the investigation, they learned that they boss, Olwyn Owers, is in fact working with Jack the Ripper by acting as his informant by gathering information through her brothels. The woman also hired the now corrupted Rooks to make sure that the prostitutes don't do anything suspicious unless they want to be killed. To make matters worse, the Ripper's crimes have encouraged people to abuse & even kill the prostitutes as the Ripper has been killing them.

Before his disappearance, Jacob was called by Nellie when the Ripper made his latest kill. Nellie was grief-stricken when she saw that the Ripper has killed both Katey and Lizzie in one go. Fearing for her life, Jacob gave Nellie some money and told her to leave Whitechapel, in fear that his Assassin initiate turncoat Jack the Ripper would kill her. The girl did has she was told and left Whitechapel temporarily. But she had no choice but to return to work under Lady O after the former ran out of money & needed work. Jacob hopes that Evie returns to find Nellie before the Ripper does when Nellie was forced to return.

Evie's return Edit

Nellie: "She knew you'd come, Miss Frye. Lady O is the Ripper's eyes and ears in London..."
Evie: "Kill her, and Jack will be forced to show himself."
―Nellie warning Evie about Olwyn Owers, 1888.[src]
Three months after Jacob's appearance, Nellie has been called by Lady Owers. The former has been accompanied with the latter's brutes to prevent any escape. Nellie, knowing Lady O's connection with Jack the Ripper, refuses to come but to no avail as she was being taken away by the Rooks. She was eventually taken to a carriage to be taken directly to Lady Owers at one of her brothels.

There, she was forced to wait with the other prostitutes by the Rooks as Lady Owers gives of a speech to the people on her 'claimed' desire to help the Unfortunates. However, Nellie encounters Evie in the crowd. Evie tries to ask her about her brother and the Ripper, but Nellie warned her that they can't talk now because if Lady O sees the Assassin, she'll have the Ripper kill her. But Olwyn sees Evie. Jack's associate then proceeds to have the Rooks take Nellie. She plans to escape and have the Assassin follow the carriage with Nellie in it, thinking that Misses Ower inside it. Nellie's fate was to be accidentally killed by the Frye during the chase as the latter mistook Nellie as Lady O. Fortunately, Evie hijacked the carriage and discovered the truth before the prostitute was killed. Nellie explained to her the situation that just happened and who Olwyn Owers is. Evie then decides to kill Lady O in order to draw out Jack the Ripper. Evie then promises to look after her before Nellie went to meet up with Lady O in order to prevent suspicions.

Later on, after Evie eliminate Lady Owers, Nellie helped Evie through the prostitutes' assistance while the Assassin helps them by stopping abusive clients & shaming them in front of the citizens, rescuing prostitutes kidnapped by the Rooks, and liberating brothels under attack by the Ripper's underlings.

Reference Edit

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