ACO Necropolis Bandit Hideout

Necropolis Bandit Hideout

The Necropolis, known as the Necropolis Bandit Hideout during his occupation by bandits, was a tomb west of Yamu, Egypt in the Iment Nome.


In 48 BCE, bandits used the Necropolis as a base from where its leader conducted a campaign to rob Books of the Dead from civilians in the area. Among his victims included an elderly man by the name of Beka who had desperately sought the book so that he may reunite with his wife in the afterlife. After collecting these books within a parcel, he stashed it inside the Necropolis along with a message to one of his subordinates, Mobare, to track down the owners of each of the books and ransom them back. This, he hoped to achieve for the benefit of his father.[1]

The leader's plan unraveled, however, when Beka requested help from the Medjay Bayek. Having overheard the leader previously tell his henchmen to rendezvous at the Necropolis, Beka was able to direct Bayek there. When the Medjay arrived, he slew all the bandits there and recovered Beka's Book of the Dead. Just as Bayek was leaving, he was intercepted by the leader on horseback, furious at his schemes being thwarted. Only a few words were exchanged before the leader was swiftly felled by Bayek.[1]