Nazar (died 1511) was an Ottoman Janissary in Constantinople, part of the Sultanate's elite guard.


In 1511, after a discussion with Suleiman I, the Assassin Ezio Auditore needed to obtain a Janissary uniform to gain entry into the Barracks, where he planned to interrogate and kill the Janissary Captain, Tarik Barleti.

Exploring the city, Ezio came across Nazar, who was patrolling on his own instead of being accompanied by a group of other Janissaries. Luring him over to a nearby hay bale, Ezio assassinated Nazar, and then took his uniform before dumping his body.

However, Nazar's body was soon discovered and prompted an alert, making it more difficult for the Assassin to enter the barracks unnoticed, as the Janissaries were ordered to look out for any suspicious characters among them.