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ACCC DB Nan'an


Nan'an is a county-level city of the southern Fujian Province, China, which used to be an important cultural and economic place for this region. Nan'an is not a proper city but a large area composed of towns, villages, and farmlands. Renowned places and people from Nan'an are therefore possibly from different villages or areas.


Sometime in the past, China's national hero Zheng Chenggong was buried here, in the village of Kangdian.

During the 16th century, the Chinese Templar and one of the Eight Tigers, Wei Bin, resided in his stronghold in Nan'an. He was the investigator-in-chief of the Tigers and was very thorough when it came to pointing fingers towards potential traitors. Not only was he responsible for the deaths of many Assassins, but also those of numerous innocents.

By January of 1529, the Assassin Shao Jun went to Nan'an to confront Wei Bin. On the way to his stronghold, Shao Jun found several altars and lit candles in respect for those Assassins who died because of Wei Bin. Climbing into his fortress, Shao Jun stealthily dispatched Wei Bin's personal guards before confronting and killing the Templar.

As he was dying, Wei Bin revealed that Zhang Yong, leader of the Eight Tigers, was there in Nan'an and that he went after Wang Yangming while Shao Jun was distracted with her own hunt. Causing enough distractions to evade all the guards, Shao Jun escaped the stronghold and rushed to her Mentor's side. Arriving too late, she saw Zhang Yong finishing off her Mentor. Making his escape with the Precursor box, he ordered his guards to attack Shao Jun. Dispatching the guards, Shao Jun approached the body of Wang Yingming and expressed regret on how she couldn't save him. With that, Shao Jun left for Beijing to find aid in her fight against the remaining Eight Tigers.


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