Myia was the youngest daughter of the famous scholar Pythagoras, living in the sixth century BCE.


Not long after moving to Croton with her family, Myia attended a party to honor Milo's victories as an athlete. During the party, she started a conversation, and Milo became embarrassed and turned red. Alcmaeon then made him look like a fool but Myia merely laughed it off, kissed him on the cheek and went back to the kitchen.

She and Milo married each other not long after, and were both present during the banquet the Council of Citizens organized for Pythagoras. They were dancing when one of columns fell apart and the roof came crashing down.

Myia was also the one that showed Pythagoras and Kyros of Zarax the hidden passage that would save their lives by leading them out of Croton. Myia herself, however, stayed behind with her husband to distract the angry mob.