Murat leading the Janissaries

Murat Bin Husn (2 May 1474 – unknown) was an Ottoman Janissary. At age 11, Murat's parents signed him up for the imperial army in hopes of a better life, and in a few years Murat had become a respected leader in the Janissary army.

Recognizing his unbreakable will, the Sultan rewarded him with the armor of Ishak Pasha, which some believed held magical powers. Murat hid the armor in a tomb underneath the Hagia Sofia, and renovated the Great Chain to protect the city.

A few months later, Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze infiltrated Constantinople, stole the armor, and destroyed the chain. Fearing for their lives, Murat and his family fled from the city.


  • When connecting the Facebook user viewing Murat's bloodline, the software mentions that the user is Murat's 26th great grandson/daughter.


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