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The first stage of the Animi Training Program used an in-depth leveling system, where all of Abstergo's Animus recruits started at Level 1.

At Level 1, all recruits began with no profile sets, abilities, perks or streak bonuses, and could only be able to play the "Wanted" game mode. By accomplishing various things in a virtual session, the recruits would earn experience points.

When a recruit earned enough experience, they would "level up", progressing forward in the program. Following this, they would unlock features that allowed them to customize their Animi Avatars and increase their efficiency in subsequent virtual sessions. Each time they levelled up, they would require more experience to level up once more, until they reached the threshold of Level 50.

Below is a list of the experience points that would be required to reach certain levels, along with the rewards that leveling up in the Animi Training Program brought.

Experience Table

Level Exp. Required Difference Unlock Unlock Type Description of Unlock
1 0 N/A N/A N/A You start here. You have no Abilities, Perks, Kill Streaks, or Loss Streaks.
2 1550 1550 Disguise/ Profile Set 1 Ability / Profile Set Change into a random character for 15 seconds.
3 3250 1700 Sprint Boost Ability Run faster for 5 seconds.
4 5200 1950 Extra Precision Loss Streak Compass is more precise at identifying targets.
5 7500 2300 Alliance / Profile Set 2 Game Mode / Profile Set New 2-vs-2-vs-2 team game mode. Also, you can save up to 2 class builds.
6 10200 2700 Smoke Bomb Ability Stun enemies with smoke for 4 seconds.
7 13450 3250 Streak Bonus +100 Kill Streak Earn 100 bonus points executing 3 kills without dying.
8 17300 3850 Hidden Gun Ability Kill your target by shooting them (after aiming at them).
9 21800 4500 Reset Cooldowns Loss Streak Instantly re-enable your abilities when you die or lose a contract.
10 27050 5250 Ability Slot 2 Ability Slot You may now have 2 different abilities equipped at the same time.
11 33300 6250 Firecrackers Ability Blind players nearby and scare the crowd so they cower in fear (players have no reaction).
12 40700 7400 Advanced Wanted/ Extra Color 1 Game Mode / Persona "Hardcore" version of Wanted. Also, you have another color scheme for each character.
13 49250 8550 Streak Bonus +300 Kill Streak Earn 300 bonus points for executing 3 "Incognito" or "Silent" kills without dying.
14 59050 9800 Morph Ability Change up to 4 civilians nearest to you into duplicates of you.
15 69550 10500 The Blacksmith / Profile Set 3 Persona / Profile Set New character to play as. Also, you may save up to 3 class builds.
16 80050 10500 Throwing Knives Ability Injure your target, slowing them down and causing them to fall while climbing.
17 91050 11000 Score x2 Loss Streak Earn double points for your next kill.
18 102050 11000 Streak Bonus +250 Kill Streak Earn 250 bonus points for executing 5 kills without dying.
19 113500 11450 Templar Vision Ability "Eagle Vision" that reveals the nature of everyone around you for 3 seconds. Targets are BLUE. Pursuers are RED. Other players are WHITE.
20 125050 11550 Enhanced Autobash Perk Increases the number of civilians you can run into before stumbling.
21 137000 11950 Charge Ability Charge forward, knocking civilians aside and automatically killing your target or stunning your pursuer.
22 149400 12400 Wall Runner Perk Run slightly higher up a wall when you first start climbing.
23 161000 11600 Advanced Gear Persona You can slightly change the appearance of your Personas. Does not affect gameplay.
24 173550 12550 Decoy Ability Make a targeted civilian change into a duplicate of you and start running.
25 186050 12500 The Thief / Profile Set 4 Persona / Profile Set New character to play as. Also, you may save up to 4 class builds.
26 198500 12450 Mute Ability Mute all players around you, preventing them from using abilities, killing or stunning you.
27 211550 13050 Resistance Perk Reduces the time you will be stunned on the ground.
28 224600 13050 Boost Cooldowns Loss Streak Divide your abilities' cooldown times by 3 until your next kill.
29 238000 13400 Poison Ability Perform an invisible kill move to administer poison to your target, who will then die in 5 seconds. You will earn an extra 200 points for the kill.
30 251550 13550 Blender/ Perk Slot 2 Perk / Perk Slot While blending, automatically changes a civilian in the group into a duplicate of you. Also, you may now use up to 2 Perks at the same time.
31 265550 14000 Streak Bonus +750/ Profile Set 5 Kill Streak / Profile Set Earn 750 bonus points for executing 5 "Incognito" or "Silent" kills without dying. Also, you can now save up to 5 class builds.
32 279600 14050 Long Lasting Disguise Ability Enhance your Disguise ability to last for 5 more seconds.
33 294000 14400 Fast Getaway Perk During a CHASE, the time required for you to escape is reduced by 25%.
34 308550 14550 Long Lasting Sprint Boost Ability Enhance your Sprint Boost ability to last for 1.5 more seconds.
35 323400 14850 The Footpad / Extra Color 2 Persona New character to play as. Also, you have another color scheme for each character.
36 338600 15200 Strong Smoke Bomb Ability Enhances your Smoke Bomb ability to explode with more range.
37 353550 14950 Deadly Gun Ability Enhances your Hidden Gun ability by increasing likelihood of hitting your target without spending time to aim.
38 369500 15950 Chase Expert Perk Increases your speed by 15% during a CHASE.
39 386450 16950 Strong Firecrackers Ability Enhances your Firecrackers ability to affect a larger area.
40 404600 18150 Overall Cooldowns / Superior Gear Perk / Persona Reduce the cooldown time on your abilities by 10 seconds. Also, you can slightly change the appearance of your Personas. Does not affect gameplay.
41 423550 18950 Power Morph Ability Enhances your Morph ability to affect 2 more civilians.
42 443600 20050 Silent Hunt Perk Causes your detection meter to decrease less than usual, giving you more time to be in high profile without starting a CHASE.
43 464700 21100 Long Lasting Throwing Knives Ability Enhances your Throwing Knives ability to slow your target for longer.
44 486750 22050 Strong Templar Vision Ability Enhances your Templar Vision ability by allowing you to see 10 meters farther.
45 510000 23250 The Mercenary Persona New character to play as.
46 533600 23600 Strong Charge Ability Enhances your Charge ability so you can run slightly farther and faster.
47 558950 25350 Long Lasting Decoy Ability Enhances your Decoy ability by keeping your decoy running for 5 more seconds.
48 586200 27250 Strong Mute Ability Enhances your Mute ability by increasing area of effect.
49 615750 29550 Fast Acting Poison Ability Offers an optional alternative of your Poison ability. This version kills your target in 3 seconds (was 5), but you will earn 150 bonus points (instead of 200).
50 650000 34250 Extra Color 3 / Elite Gear Persona You have another color scheme for each character. Also, you can slightly change the appearance of your Personas. Does not affect gameplay.
  • Excluded from this table are Loss Streak Slot 1, Kill Streak Slot 1, and Perk Slot 1, because it is redundant to include them since they are unlocked when you unlock your first item in that category.


ACB Exp Growth Line Chart by Alex Nares (Ju Juitsu)

A chart showing how the difference in experience grows in contrast to the previous level

This chart shows how the required experience to next level grows in contrast to the previous level. For example, the experience difference between Level 2 and Level 3 is 1700, which is +150 from Level 1 to Level 2 (1550). The difference between Level 3 and Level 4 is 1950, which is +250 from Level 2 to Level 3 (1700).

As you can see, the growth rate climbs at a steady, comfortable rate all the way up until Level 16, which requires exactly the same amount of experience as Level 15. After that, the rate becomes unpredictable. There are even some Levels that require LESS experience than the previous level! The best example is Level 23, which requires -800 experience than Level 22 did, meaning you will reach Level 23 faster than it took you to reach Level 22.

Towards the final Levels, the experience rate starts to rise rapidly. If the growth-rate was more predictable, it would be possible to calculate what Level you would be if they went beyond Level 50, by looking at your lifetime points earnings in your Statistics menu. Because of the unusual rate-of-growth in experience difference, it is difficult to calculate what Level you would be after achieving Level 50.

  • 698.9583333333333... - Average Rate of Growth from Levels 2 to 50.
  • 716.3265306122449... - Average Rate of Growth from Levels 1 to 50 (this includes the +1550 from Level 1 to Level 2).