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A multiplayer game in progress

Multiplayer game modes' are modes within the multiplayer portion of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and Assassin's Creed III, in which players take the role of an Abstergo recruit in the Animi Training Program. Each game mode differs in the way that it can be played, though the objective remains the same: score points to win sessions and progress within the Animi Training Program.

Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodEdit

In Brotherhood, game modes are divided into three categories, which affects how they are played. The classifications for the game modes are "Free-for-All", in which players rely on themselves; "Co-operative", where a player is grouped with a partner, and "Team", where three to four players battle against another team of three or four. During Brotherhood, the player takes part in the Animi Training Program as one of the members of its first stage.

Free-for-All modesEdit

  • Wanted - A game mode where players must track down their targets and kill them, whilst other Abstergo recruits hunt them.
  • Advanced Wanted - A more advanced version of Wanted, where the compass that guides pursuers to their targets indicates only target direction and distance, not elevation.
  • Assassinate - A game mode where players can kill any other Abstergo recruits, provided they lock onto them and obtain them as their target. This mode requires much patience to master fully, as it can be frustrating for some, though the point potential is higher.

Co-operative modesEdit

  • Alliance - A game mode where a player is paired with a partner, and must work in tandem to take down a couple of Abstergo recruits as their targets, whilst protecting each other from another duo. At the end of one round, the roles of the other players are reversed, with the previous targets becoming your hunters and your previous hunters becoming your targets.
  • Advanced Alliance - Similar to Advanced Wanted, this mode works just like Alliance, except that the compass in this mode does not indicate whether a target is above or below the player.

Team modesEdit

  • Manhunt - A game mode where players on one team must hide and survive, whilst another team of hunters attempt to kill them. Players on the hiding team gain points for as long as they remain in a hidden spot, increasing when their teammates are hidden nearby. They can also stun their hunters to prevent themselves from dying. On the other hand, the hunting team are given the locations of their four targets, and must work together to effectively kill them. Like Alliance, at the end of first round, the roles are reversed.
  • Chest Capture - A game mode in which one team of players must go to predetermined locations on the map and wait, so that they can capture the chests nearby and score points. More players within a chest's radius means more points for the capturing team. On the other hand, the other team must protect their chests from the capturing team, by intercepting them and killing them before they can steal the chest for points. At the end of the first round, the protecting team becomes the capturing team and the capturing team has to protect the chests.
  • Escort - A game mode in which one team has to protect two NPCs named "VIP"s from the hunting team, as the VIPs walk along predetermined paths towards checkpoints, earning the protecting team points. The hunters on the other hand have to kill the VIPs for as many points as they can, prompting more VIPs to be synchronized and resetting the checkpoint scores for the protecting team. One thing to note is that the protecting team gains only the basic 100 points per kill. As per usual in team modes, at the end of the first round, the protecting team and the hunting team switch roles.

Assassin's Creed: RevelationsEdit

In Revelations, all modes from Brotherhood make a return, aside from the Alliance mode, the Advanced variants of modes and the Co-operative classification. There are also 4 new game types for players to participate in, due to their Abstergo recruit being elevated into the second stage of the Animi Training Program.

Free-for-All modesEdit

  • Wanted - Similar to the game mode in Brotherhood; the only differences between the two are the implementation of the Approach Meter, Contested Kills, Honorable Death, Ground Finishes, and varying Escape bonuses.
  • Deathmatch - A new game mode that takes place in a smaller, confined portion of the selected map, with no duplicate NPCs of the player's choice. Also, as players' guiding compasses are removed, they must rely on observation and stealth in order to find their targets and score well. It also has a "Simple" variant, which removes the player's profile sets.
  • Assassinate - The mechanics of Assassinate in Revelations function similarly to those of Brotherhood, although the Approach Meter, Contested Kills, Honorable Deaths, Ground Finishes, and varying Escape bonuses are implemented. Also, locking a character requires a more precise application.
  • Steal the Artifact - A new game mode in which a player has to reach an artifact placed on the ground at the start of the mode, and then keep the artifact from other players by surviving up to two minutes. Players that do not own the artifact must attempt to kill the player that possesses it, thus stealing it. Those that hold the artifact gain Possession points for keeping the artifact on them, replaced by Hidden points should they join a blend group, bench or haystack and Proximity points should an opposing player be close to their location. Best Streaks are awarded to players who accumulate more points than a previous owner during the time they carry the artifact, and a Steal the Artifact bonus should they keep the artifact with them for the whole two minute duration.
  • Corruption - A new game mode in which a certain number of players are Corrupted, in which they play as the Count and must go through a map and find players to kill. Players that are Uncorrupted must survive as long as they can, gaining Proximity points should they be close to a Corrupted player, and a Corruption bonus depending on the number of players that have been corrupted during the round, varying from Low to High. Once all players other than one have been corrupted, the round enters Sudden Death, in which a player gains 120 points at an increased rate until dying. The mode consists of three rounds, in which each player would have two rounds of survival.

Team modesEdit

  • Manhunt - Similar to the game mode in Brotherhood; the only changes made to Manhunt are the addition of the Approach Meter, Contested Kills, Honorable Death, Ground Finishes, and varying Escape bonuses. Also, Variety bonuses are much easier to obtain since Team bonuses apply to them.
  • Artifact Assault - A new game mode in which the multiplayer map is split into two equal sections, with one belonging to one team and the other belonging to the opposing team. At one point in the opposing team's boundary is an artifact (flag) that a team member must obtain and bring back to your team's base, scoring towards your team's total. On the other hand, your team has to protect your own artifact by killing anyone of the opposite team that attempts to steal it. A player that has the artifact cannot kill anyone from the opposing team while holding it, so they cannot cross the boundary and kill their pursuers, although they can stun them. When one of your team has the artifact, you can stun the opposite team if you are in their section to earn a Support bonus, or kill them if they are on your side of the boundary. Wins in Artifact Assault are dependant on the number of artifacts that each team has successfully scored with, though in the case of a draw, the team with the most points are victorious.
  • Chest Capture - In Revelations, Chest Capture works on the same principles as Brotherhood, although the Approach Meter, Contested Kills, Honorable Death, Ground Finishes, and varying Escape bonuses are applied. Also, Team bonuses apply to earning Variety bonuses, and players need not capture the chest to obtain the Secured chest and Last chest bonuses.
  • Escort - Escort works the same as in Brotherhood, although the Approach Meter, Contested Kills, Honorable Death, and Ground Finishes are applied.

Assassin's Creed IIIEdit

Assassin's Creed III released with a second disc to house its renowned multiplayer on Xbox 360, however on PS3 and PC the multiplayer and single player both fit onto one disc as with the previous games. Classic game modes are back as well as a few new game-types.

Free-for-All modesEdit

  • Wanted - The classic free for all game type returns mostly unchanged. Get the most points by killing and stunning opponents to win.
  • Deathmatch - Kill and stun opponents without the help of your compass on a much smaller map.
  • Assassinate - Find your targets in the crowd and lock on to them to make them a target but make sure to not reveal yourself as well.

Co-operative modesEdit

  • Wolfpack - A new mode which allows co-operative play between players, allowing players to hunt down NPCs in a set amount of time. This game session will launch with a single player participating in it.

Team modesEdit

  • Artifact Assault - Teams have to steal the other team's artifact and return it to base while simultaneously defending their own artifact. The team with the most scores at the end of the game wins.
  • Manhunt - Teams of four take turns hunting and hiding for points.
  • Domination - A mode where you have to capture and hold up to 3 areas.

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