This page details the various locations and characters included within the multiplayer of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.


BarberWall BlacksmithWall CaptainWall CourtesanWall
Barber Blacksmith Captain Courtesan
DamaRossaWall DoctorWall EngineerWall ExecutionerWall
Dama Rossa Doctor Engineer Executioner
FootpadWall HarlequinWall HellequinWall KnightWall
Footpad Harlequin Hellequin Knight
MarquisWall MercenaryWallNew NobleWall OfficerWall
Marquis Mercenary Nobleman Officer
PariahWall PriestWall ProwlerWall SmugglerWallNew
Pariah Priest Prowler Smuggler


AlhambraWall GondalfoWall FlorenceWall ForliWall
Alhambra Castel Gandolfo Florence Forlì
MntWall MonterWall PienzaWall RomeWall
Mont Saint-Michel Monteriggioni Pienza Rome
DonatoWall SienaWall VeniceWall
San Donato Siena Venice

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