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Mrs. Carroll was a high-ranking member of the British Rite of the Templar Order along with her husband, Mr. Carroll, and daughter, May.


In the spring of 1774, the Carrolls visited the de la Serres to discuss the plans of the Grand Master François for France's future. As Mr. Carroll attended a meeting with the Templars, Mrs. Carroll and May were entertained by Julie and Élise with a walk in their estate's garden. As the older ladies discussed the Carrolls' concerns with François and his associates' intentions, their conversation heated due to Mrs. Carroll's dislike for change, which was a unaligned with Julie. However, Julie assured her that she and her husband would change France for the better.

In 1788, the Carrolls were contacted by Frederick Weatherall and were asked for assistance in hunting Bernard Ruddock, a former Assassin who had attempted to kill Julie over ten years earlier. To their surprise, Élise and her handmaiden, Hélène, arrived at their home in Mayfair and claimed that she was also hunting Ruddock. The Carrolls accepted their request in exchange for Élise's cooperation in infiltrating Jennifer Scott's home and retrieving Haytham Kenway's letters. They told her to take the alias of the non-existent Yvonne Albertine. In truth, they had murdered the Albertines to avoid compromises.

On 6 April, the Carrolls and Weatherall tracked down Ruddock and headed to the Boars Head Inn. Their plans were intercepted by Élise, who freed him, and gave fake letters to the Carrolls, telling them that Haytham Kenway had sought a way to unite the two Orders. Not bothering to read the letters, May tossed them into the fire, while Mr. Carroll explained that Haytham's ideas could not be put into action. Mr. Carroll ordered his daughter to eliminate Élise, but May was killed herself. In shock, Élise also knocked Mr. Carroll off-balance while Weatherall fought off their three swordsmen. Mrs. Carroll managed to free her pistol from her purse and shot Weatherall's leg as the pair tried to escape. However, the pistol exploded in her hand and wounded Mrs. Carroll's hand greatly. Enraged with May's death, they chased the pair to Dover beach, but failed to catch the escaping duo. The Carolls sought revenge, hiring various individuals charged with assassinating Élise, Weatherall, and Hélène, but their efforts ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Personality and characteristics

Like her husband, Mrs. Carroll was vain and overconfident, treating other peoples' lives with little respect. Mrs. Carroll also looked down upon other nobles.