Mrs. Bloomfield was a British woman living and working in London in the mid-nineteenth century.


Mrs. Bloomfield and her husband lived in a small apartment building in the Strand, run by Mr. and Mrs. Henman, which they shared with David Golden and Byron Cashan. During the day, they worked in a shop they owned together, allowing Golden to practice his music in their apartment, where the lighting was better.

One night in 1868, the gas in the building stopped working, and Golden handed out candles to everyone. Mrs. Bloomfield spent her evening knitting in her favorite chair, but soon started feeling sickly. Opening the window to clear her head, the feeling soon faded, and she and her husband went to bed.

The following morning, their neighbor Cashan was found dead in his room, and the Bloomfields were questioned by the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye. Mrs. Bloomfield told them what had occurred the night before, but did not know anything else about Cashan's death.