Mr. Jameson was an individual who, in 2011, stumbled across a hidden channel on his television.


In April 2011, a man known as Mr. Jameson telephoned the customer service hotline of the Comstatic cable television provider - a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries - with a highly unusual complaint about the HD cable service.

After exchanging small talk about their respective children with the operator – a woman named Diana – Mr. Jameson explained the nature of his problem. Between the 172nd and 173rd channels of his television service was an extra channel, one that seemed to hold confidential information about the Jameson family, such as their likes and dislikes, credit card purchases and loans, as well as biometric patterns including a heart monitor.

Unable to come up with a plausible reply to Mr. Jameson's belief that the cable was intended to have "some effect on our bodies", Diana transferred the call to a higher-ranking employee. The man assured Mr. Jameson that help was on its way, brushing past Mr. Jameson's ominous feelings about the matter.

Soon afterwards, Mr. Jameson's twelve-year-old son Paul informed his father that there was someone banging on the door, before the customer service operator hung up by saying "Have a good day, Mr. Jameson", despite the fact that Mr. Jameson had never revealed his name at any point throughout the call.