Mr. Henman was a British man, living and working in London in the mid-nineteenth century.


In 1868, Mr. Henman owned a small apartment complex in the Strand, which he ran with the help of his wife. The complex consisted of four dwellings, including their own, and a basement. Functioning as the caretaker of the building, Henman maintained everything as best he could, making repairs when necessary.

When the gas stopped working one night, Henman called for a repairman from the company, knowing his own skills to be insufficient for the required repairs. The following morning, one of their renters, Byron Cashan was found dead in his room, even though the door and window had been locked from the inside.

The Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye investigated the death, and in the process uncovered the affair Mrs. Henman had with the deceased music critic. However, since it turned out to be unrelated to Byron's murder, they did not tell Mr. Henman about this.