Motion to Impeach was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob set out to assassinate the Earl of Cardigan at the Palace of Westminster.


Jacob surveyed the area and saw a politician speaking to a minister.

  • Politician 1: What's this nonsense about needing a password to see Lord Cardigan today?
  • Hacker: Relax. I've got it in my pocket.

A corrupt policeman directed his men.

  • Policeman: Look sharp, men. Allow no one past unless I authorize them.

Politicians opposing Cardigan spoke inside Westminster Hall.

  • Politician 2: Cardigan has gone too far this time! I've a mind to contact Scotland Yard myself.

Meanwhile, Cardigan spoke with his fellow politicians.

  • Cardigan: Come now, gentlemen, I'd thought us united in opposition against this perfidious law.

Jacob stole the password from the minister.

Jacob grabbed the policeman from behind.

  • Jacob: I just need to get inside. No need for this to get messy.
  • Policeman: All right, all right! Just don't hurt me!

With the policeman in his grip, Jacob was able to walk into Westminster Hall and speak to the politician opposing Cardigan.

  • Jacob: Pardon me, gentlemen, Sergeant Freddy Abberline of Scotland Yard. Where might this scandalous activity be taking place?
  • Politician 2: Hm? Oh, yes, yes. It's, ah, just this way. Follow me, Sergeant. But discreetly, if you would. One doesn't like to be seen airing a fellow member of Parliament's dirty linen, wot?

Jacob followed the politician to Cardigan's office.

  • Jacob: I'll be very discreet.
    Usually, I would be in disguise, but my clothes all fell into the Thames.
    One of my favorite disguises is a very ancient old lady, modelled after my mother.
    You'd be surprised how convincing I am.
    A tough old bird she was. Actually had a facial hair problem. We'd sell the hair for dolls.
    Please let me know if I am speaking too much. I am prone to flights of fancy.

They arrived at the office, where the politician knocked on the door.

  • Templar: Password?
  • Politician 2: I beg your pardon?
  • Templar: No password, no passage.
  • Politician 2: Do you know who I am? I'm a member of Parliament, you cretin!
  • Templar: No password, no passage, sir.

Jacob knocked on the door.

  • Templar: Password?
  • Jacob: Balaclava.

The door was opened.

  • Templar: Come in.

As Jacob entered, he quickly killed the Templar with his Hidden Blade and closed the door behind him. In the meantime, Cardigan had his back turned.

  • Cardigan: Ah, Minister Hacker. One moment. Dashed paperwork will be the death of us, wot? Give me a stout horse and a sabre and I'd have this government running as smoothly as Henley Regatta, hm. But needs must and all that. Let's see... sign here... initial... initial... and... done!

Cardigan turned around.

  • Cardigan: Now, then. Let's discuss this like gen- good God! Who the bloody he-
  • Jacob: Oh, shut up.

Jacob slashed Cardigan's throat with his Hidden Blades.

  • Cardigan: Coward! Villain! Alas, that the hero of Balaclava should fall not on the gloried fields of Crimea, but to an Assassin's blade in the very halls of power!
  • Jacob: Are you finished yet?
  • Cardigan: Take your bow, knave, for you have managed what no Russian battery, what no Indian tiger could achieve! Claim your trophy, and may you choke on it!
  • Jacob: Yes, but do tell me more about Balaclava.
  • Cardigan: Farewell! Farewell, dear Britannia! Your dawn shall be dimmer that the Earl of Cardigan sees it not!

Jacob rolled his eyes.

Cardigan died.

  • Jacob: What a prick...

Jacob smeared his handkerchief with Cardigan's blood and escaped the Palace of Westminster.


Jacob assassinated the Earl of Cardigan, severely diminishing Starrick's influence in politics.