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During the Renaissance, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze could locate eight statuettes of Roman gods, which were scattered throughout the town of Monteriggioni.

Once a corresponding pair was set upon their designated pedestals, behind the Villa Auditore, a mechanism activated and revealed 2000 florins. Accompanying this, it would also increase the value of the town.



Each pedestal had its own message, describing the pair of statuettes that sat upon it.

  • Neptune and Pluto: Two brothers rest here. One resides fathoms deep, the other at the end of time.
  • Jupiter and Minerva: Here sits the king of all Olympus and beside him stands wisdom, to guide his rule.
  • Diana and Apollo: Together, but never touching. One sleeps while the other rises, yet both watch over us.
  • Mars and Venus: The god of rage and strength basks in his lover's radiant beauty. She tames his anger with her gentle touch.



On the south-eastern wall of the church.

As Jupiter was located high up on the wall of the church, it could either be reached by climbing the church and dropping down its eastern wall, or by climbing Monteriggioni's Thieves Guild and jumping to reach the statuette.


Eastern part of the map fronting the church.

When facing the entrance to church, Ezio could turn left and look in a small walled off courtyard next to said church with a bench directly in front. From there, the statuette is attached to the wall just behind the tree.


On a wall south-east from the Villa entrance.

Pluto was located at the top right corner of the village, just east of the training arena. After finding Neptune, it may be reached by climbing the building directly in front of Ezio until he was in line with the arena. Afterwards, he would need to drop to the left, towards the arena.


On a wall south-west from the Villa entrance.

Mars was almost at a mirrored location to Pluto, and could be found by going directly west from finding the Pluto statuette. It was attached to an east-facing wall to the west of the training arena.


On a wall of the western-most building, closest to the Villa.

Venus was located on the western wall of a small building, which was north-west of the building on which Mars was located. The statuette was attached to the wall just above a wooden scaffolding.


At the south-west corner of the town, on the building just north of the brothel.

Apollo could be easily found by looking north from the roof of the brothel. It was attached to the second floor of the adjacent building, just above and to the left of an archway.


On the northern wall of a building directly in front of the town's gate.

Similarly to Apollo, Diana was just above and to the left of an archway. The statuette could be easily found by looking to the south of the courtyard with a lush tree, in line with a street crossed over by several wooden beams.


On a building just to the east of the town entrance.

Minerva was on the corner of a building that was attached to a walled in courtyard with a small tree, similar to the courtyard in which Pluto was located. The statuette was on the opposite side of the building to the tree, on a low roof in the south-east corner.




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