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"Basically, I think the Assassins and Templars are both wrong."

Sebastian Monroe

Sebastian Monroe was a former high-level researcher of Abstergo Industries and member of the Templar Order before he left for mysterious reasons, stealing various technologies in the process, including an Animus.

Monroe field of expertise at Abstergo were the "Ascendance Events"; various bloodlines crossing through centuries, being in contact with Pieces of Eden, until they all met at some point as if the generations where guided toward that moment by an unidentified force.


Early lifeEdit

Monroe had a very traumatic childhood, which later made him unfit to use the Animus, his abused psyche being too unstable to safely use the device.

The IT guyEdit

After being forbidden by Dr. Victoria Bibeau to look into the memories of his abusive father to exorcise his demons, Monroe became erratic and stole an Animus. Hiding from Abstergo, he then posed as the IT guy in various schools discreetly offering Animus sessions to teenagers looking for thrills or seeking answers that went against their expectations. In fact, Monroe was looking into their DNA for Assassin/Templar descendants and by 2016, had found several subjects: Natalya Aliyev, Sean Molloy, Grace and her brother David Collins.

That same year, Monroe found two new subjects, Owen Meyers and his friend Javier Mondragón. Through them, Monroe discovered clues about the Trident of Eden, once they had inadvertently confirmed that Hernán Cortés possessed a Dagger of Eden. After pulling Owen and Javier from the Animus and parting ways, Monroe resigned from his current IT job and disappeared.

Monroe later came to Owen's rescue when he was accosted by a Templar agent seeking to recruit him in exchange for helping exonerate his father, only for the Templar to be taken out by the Assassin Griffin. Using advanced tech in his Abstergo bike, Monroe was able to outpace Griffin when he attempted to pursue them.

Looking for the TridentEdit

Monroe brought Owen to a warehouse, where he had gathered Javier and the other teenagers. Telling them about the Assassin/Templar millenary feud, Monroe convinced the group of teenagers to work with him, to find the artifact and according to him to hide it from both the Assassins and Templars, promising both groups would leave them alone. Relieving the memories of their ancestors from the draft riots of 1863 under the guidance of Monroe, the teenagers discovered that a piece of the trident was last seen in possession of General Ulysses S. Grant.

However the use of the Animus didn't go unnoticed and a Templar strike team captured the teenagers with only Owen and Javier escaping thanks to the Bleeding Effect while Monroe disappeared with the Animus core. While Grace and Sean decided to trust the Templars, Owen and Javier worked with the Assassins, but as both the factions converged to Grant's house in Mount McGregor, they discovered that "Monroe" already took the first prong of the Trident and left.

Once Monroe made it as far as he could and recuperated, he berated himself for being so careless and vowed to rescue the teenagers from the Templars. To that end, he used a burner phone he purchased to call a contact of his.

Personality and characteristicsEdit

Though Monroe supports free will, he doesn't believe the Assassins share that belief, considering that their members swear loyalty and obedience to the Brotherhood. Additionally, he believes that even those who are of either Assassin or Templar descent are under no obligation to join one side.

Equipment and skillsEdit

Monroe has an eidetic memory. He is also a competent programmer who was able to modify his stolen Animus to allow multiple users to share their session while reliving their ancestors' memories (on the condition that each had an ancestor in the same area at the same moment). Monroe's Animus also gives a user more freedom in the simulation with less risks of desynchronization on the condition that they had more than one ancestor – such as a parent and their child – both in the same location during the relived event.


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