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"Well, she was spirited. An impressive lady."
Lillian describing Miriam Kurtz, 1981.[src]

Miriam Kurtz (c. 1920s – c. 1976) was a member of the Navajos, a subgroup of the Edelweiss Pirates, living in Germany during World War II. She and other Edelweiss Pirates were captured by Nazi soldiers and imprisoned in Cologne, where she was thoroughly interrogated; even so, Miriam put up a stern resistance against the attempts at prying information from her.

At an unspecified point, her leader, Barthel Schink, told Miriam of an artifact concealed in the spire of the St. Petrus Cathedral, and ordered her to bring it to the Assassins in Paris. Despite her reluctance in wanting to know, Miriam completed the task anyway. Eventually, the artifact was presumably found by the Third Reich sometime in 1940, as specified by the Abstergo Industries scientist Satish.

Miriam was the mother of Karl and the grandmother of Seamus. Her grandson's genetic memory was later used in Abstergo Industries' Surrogate Initiative in 1980, in which Miriam's memories were relived by Karl's ex-wife Aileen Bock, the project's lead.


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