Milo van der Graaff, self-proclaimed "Honest Businessman and Friend", was a Dutch naval trader of dubious legality, operating in the West Indies during the early 18th century.

During this time, Milo enlisted the assistance of the pirate Edward Kenway in a variety of manners, including sinking or capturing British and Spanish naval warships, killing particular individuals, and assisting his own trading fleet. Eventually, both the Spanish and the British declared him a wanted man, forcing him to leave the West Indies.

Kenway assisted him one final time, escorting him through four enemy fleets to safety. For all of his efforts, van der Graaff rewarded Kenway with a set of extremely powerful Golden Flintlock Pistols, which he kept as his personal firearms. 


  • Milo is related to the name Miles, which is Latin word for "soldier"; it has also, however, been suggested to be a derivation of Slavic mil, meaning "grace, gracious." His surname is composed of the Dutch words van, der, and Graaf, meaning "from, of", "the", and "count".
  • Despite their similar names, Milo's relation to the Dutch merchant Jan van der Graff - if any exists - is unknown.


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