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Mexico City, formerly known as Tenochtitlan, is the capital and largest city of Mexico. Originally the capital city of the Aztec Empire until its almost complete destruction in 1521, Mexico City was rebuilt by the Spanish conquerors in accordance with the Spanish urban standards. During the time of the Spanish colonial empire, Mexico City served as the political, administrative and financial center of a major part of Central and South America until the country independence from Spain in the 19th century.

The city is also the birth place of the Mexican Álvaro Gramática, a scientist and member of the Templar Order, who was also a key part of the Inner Sanctum.[1]

In 2016, Assassin Charlotte de la Cruz and her teammates, Galina Voronina and Kody, traveled to the city in order to kidnap Templar Garcia-Lopez to learn the location of Assassin traitor Joseph from her. However their plan failed and they had to deal with both the cartels and its Kingpin, Arturo Viera, as well as with the local Templars and their leader, Ortega Sanchez.[2]


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