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Memory extraction is the process of extracting the genetic memories from an individual's DNA. Such a practice is utilized by Abstergo Industries, for which they use the Animus to explore and study the extracted memories.

Instances of the practice by Abstergo Industries include the extraction of genetic memories of Animus subjects who did not voluntarily cooperate with Abstergo's Animus Project.[1] These extracted memories would then be relived by Abstergo research analysts and agents to obtain information on the Assassin Order and the Pieces of Eden, notably during their Project Legacy initiative, until it was shut down in 2012 due to security concerns.[2][3]

Extracted memories were also used to train Abstergo agents via the Animi Training Program in the company's Roman facility,[4] in order for them to be effective in combating the remnants of the Assassin Order.[3]

In late 2012, Abstergo Industries' entertainment division released a home console version of the Animus packaged with extracted memories for gaming purposes. The console Animus allowed players to use extracted memories to compete against each other in simulated matches,[1] as well as allowing the general public to relive the life of Aveline de Grandpré, though Abstergo released a heavily edited version of her memories to help subconsciously further their aims.[5]